Credit: University of Dundee

Our People

Making Scotland the best place in the world to learn, to educate, to research and to innovate

Our Team

We have a staff of around 145 people. Specialties include financial analysis, strategy and policy development, outcome agreement management and statistics. We also have professional service teams in HR and ICT.

Karen Watt, Chief Executive.

Jacqui Brasted, Interim Director, Access, Learning and Outcomes

Richard Maconachie, Director of Finance

Martin Boyle, Director of Policy, Insight and Analytics

Helen Cross, Director of Research and Innovation

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Newbattle Abbey College, University of Edinburgh, Ayrshire College, Edinburgh Napier University

Chief Executive Directorate

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University of the Highlands and Islands, Newbattle Abbey College, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and Edinburgh Napier University

Access, Learning and Outcomes Directorate

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University of Abertay, University of Glasgow, Herriot-Watt University, University of Aberdeen, University of the Highlands and Islands

Finance and Funding Directorate

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University of the Highlands and Islands, University of Glasgow, Fife College

Policy, Insight and Analytics Directorate

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Edinburgh College, University of Glasgow, UHI Perth and University of Aberdeen

Research and Innovation Directorate

Our Board

We are proud that the SFC Board was one of the first public bodies in Scotland to achieve the Government’s ambition of equal gender representation.

Our board members are drawn from diverse backgrounds and with a balance of interests and expertise across SFC’s policy and investment areas.

Members of the Board are appointed by the First Minister of Scotland and have a collective responsibility for the proper conduct of the Council’s affairs. They are not appointed as representatives of individual organisations.